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Having internal digital signage (TV's) is great for in school communication but they can be time consuming to manage - our team is ready to save you time

How it works - Staffroom TV

Question. Do you still use notice boards / whiteboards to inform teachers on what's happening around your school?If yes, does your notice board area get quite busy and confusing at times for teachers? Does managing the notice board take up your time? Is it a chore? Do you forget to take down old content? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions it’s time to re-think your notice board.What if you had a simple solution, that not only replaced your notice board, but revolutionised it. One that saved you time AND reduced your workload. A solution that teachers took notice of and actually engaged with? A solution that brought your notice board into the 21st century.Our team manages your digital signage system for you. We do all the work in collating data, making it engaging for teachers and deploying at the right time.

The student message

Putting a schooltvPRO TV in a high traffic student area will be a constant reminder to students of important events. Customise this screen for live and static feedsDigital Signage can be used to promote student's work. For example, great pieces of art, writing, TG, Woodwork, OAL's etc can be photographed/filmed to
showcase great work, progress or effort and reach a schoolwide audience
This is real positive reinforcementWe can manage these screens also for you

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